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A good designer has both a love and understanding of what is the aesthetic goal and as well as to identify the technical and practical challenges that you face. To help you identify what are your most important needs, and to find your own personal style and solutions to both. I have unique combined skills of the aesthetic and the technical. Including the ability to recognize eras of antique furniture, fabrics & textiles; styling and color coordination; furniture arangements, window & drapery options, and more. As a lifelong seamstress, I know fabrics and materials, and can work within your budget, offering options to meet your needs.
Interior Space Planning / Kitchens / Bathrooms / ADU's (Auxilliary Dwelling Units) One-Room Design Proposals

What kind of professional do you need?

Interior Decorator:
Are you looking to furnish a new home, condo, or room - and trying to find your style? Might it be Colonial, Louis XIV, XV, or XVI... Tudor, Georgian, Modernistic approach The professionals "focus on the decorative, ornamental, and moveable aspects of interior design. Color, furniture, rugs, drapery, & fixed such as the moldings, paneling, and similar small elements." Often working as dealers or salespeople for furniture, rugs, draperies, and paint stores.

Interior Designers:
Describes "a professional approach to interiors that puts more emphasis on basic planning and functional design," than just decorating. In Europe, the term is Interior Architect, as "designers who deal with the basic organization of spaces, lay out room arrangements, and manage technical issues (such as lighting and acoustics), much as architects design entire buildings." "In the United States where the term architect is legally limited (as licensed to design complete buildings from the foundation up), 'Interior Designer' has becomre the accepted term for this kind of practice. Firms can grow quite large and can "tend to work on larger projects in commercial, institutional and office areas."
The term 'contract design' is also used for this type of practice.

Space Planner & Office Planner:
These designer types "handle the development of large corporate and institutional offices that fill whole floors, many floors, or entire buildings with offices and their related services. Since office buildings are usually constructed as floors of open, individed space, layout planning becomes an important first step in their design.

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