What about the Bathroom?

One system we shouldn't take for granted, is the bathroom. To the ancient Romans bathing was quite public... a daily celebration to escape the stresses of life, and it was one place you could meet up to relax, while mingling with all social classes of society. Instead of heading to the local pub, one would likely hit 'happy hour at the gym or "gymnasium" which, translates by the Greeks into "the naked places," or what we call them today, the Bath Houses.

During the middle ages, bathing became "harmful to one's health" and being naked was indecent and sinful, so bathing very often, was kind of out of the question. There was no sewer system and "chamber pots" were merely emptied out the window, (I know, I know...) Strangly, little was considered about the link between sanitation and disease.

These same practices continued on even in America, until they all came to their senses in the mid 18th Century. As the population grew, so did the problems with poor sanitation. Many large U.S. cities looked into developing safe water supplies and disposal systems. The Bathroom as we know it took shape.

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