What can I do for you:


I have unique combined skills of the aesthetic and the technical. I have knowledge working with antique furniture, vintage clothing, textiles and styling. I am a competent seamstress, and have strong photo-editing & graphic design skills, writing and good communication. In business I have owned and operated a small retail boutique, and ecommerce site as well. I would say that my combined artistic and creative, combined with technical skills give me an edge to both understand your design challenging, and the ability to address them innovatively, competently and creatively.

Additionally I have experience working with flooring options, as well as doors & windows and choosing appliances. I can help you plan your space, find your creative style, and assist you in creating a space that is both compliant, within your budget and the essence of "YOU." I can help with kitchen and bathroom remodels, small or large. I have experience with retail space planning and decor, and would love to help you on projects of that nature as well.

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